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Nogales Pharmacies - Pesquiera
Nogales Pharmacies on Plaza Pesquiera



The first group of pharmacies, dentists and other businesses that you will see after walking across the border from Nogales, Arizona to Nogales, Mexico at the DeConcini border crossing are located along either side of a small outdoor plaza known as Plaza Pesquiera.

Plaza Pesquiera in Nogales, Sonora is a pleasant outdoor shopping venue, with hundreds of tourists walking across its terra cotta-tiled walkway or sitting on one of its many park benches before going shopping or continuing to other parts of Nogales. In recent years the plaza has seen a large influx of dentist offices, as many Nogales, Mexico dentists have relocated to be closer to their clients who walk across the international border to see them.

Pharmacies located along Plaza Pesquiera in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

Farmacia de la Oferta
Plaza Pesquiera 27
From the U.S.: (520) 264-5880

Farmacia Frontera
Plaza Pesquiera 36

Farmacia la Plaza
Plaza Pesquiera

Farmacia San Andres
Plaza Pesquiera 14

Farmacias San Francisco I
Plaza Pesquiera 5

Farmacia Silvia
Plaza Pesquiera 3
From the U.S.: (520) 305-5616

San Bosco Farmacia
Plaza Pesquiera 2
Toll-free from the U.S.: (866) 248-2989

Star Pharmacy
Plaza Pesquiera 40
From the U.S.: (520) 980-5602
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