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Nogales Duty-Free Stores
Nogales Tax-Free (Duty Free) Border Stores

One great thing about visiting the Mexican border at Nogales is the availability of tax-free liquor and cigarettes, which are sold along with watches, perfume, jewelry, consumer electronics and other discounted taxable items at duty-free stores near the border between Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona.

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There are six duty-free stores in Nogales, Arizona. There is a Ueta store on Mariposa Road (by the international border crossing), two Ueta stores (also known as Duty Free America) on Terrace Avenue, near the border parking lots (click here to learn more about border parking). There is also a Border Crossers duty free store on Terrace Avenue, and another on southbound Grand Avenue, just before the DeConcini Mexico border crossing. And the HKG Duty Free store just next to the Border Shoppers on Terrace Avenue may be a bit smaller than the others, but it has a wide variety of duty free and taxable products, to include consumer electronics like stereos, DVD players and flat-screen TVs.

There are some things to know about purchasing liquor or cigarettes from Nogales duty free stores. The prices are much lower than what you will find in other stores, and the liquor and tobacco products are tax free. However, after being sold, some of the products must be exported.

This means that after making a purchase of alcohol or tobacco products from a Nogales duty free store, a store employee will escort you down the street to the border. If you buy from Ueta, HKG Duty Free or Border Crossers in Nogales, Arizona, you will be escorted to the turnstiles at the pedestrian border crossing, where you will have to go through the turnstiles into Mexico before returning to the U.S.

What you can take across the border:

Note that there are limits to the quantities and volumes of duty free items (liquor and cigarettes) that can be taken into Mexico and the United States. So while Mexico allows each visitor to bring two cartons of cigarettes into the country, the United States only permits one carton of duty free cigarettes to be brought into the US.

Into Mexico:

Two cartons per person
Liquor: Three liters per person

Into the United States

Cigarettes: One carton per person
Liquor: One liter per person

Nogales Border Duty Free Stores

Border Shoppers Duty Free
70 N Freeport Drive
Nogales, Arizona 85621
(520) 287-0188

HKG Duty Free
66 N. Terrace Avenue
Nogales, Arizona
(520) 287-2510
Visit their website

Ueta Tax & Duty Free
21 N. Terrace Avenue
Nogales, Arizona 85621
(520) 287-2741
Visit their website

Ueta Tax & Duty Free
78 N. Terrace Avenue
Nogales, Arizona 85621
(520) 287-2104
Visit their website

The HGK Duty Free Store
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